What Are The 5 Criteria That Make a Jeep Car Trail Rated?

What Are The 5 Criteria That Make a Jeep Car Trail Rated?

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Being a prominent jeep dealership in Chennai, the one question we are asked often is – what is the Trail Rated badge mean? The brand is often seen on the sides of certain Jeep cars like all Wranglers, some Cherokees, Compass and Grand Cherokee. The badge is a way of showing that the particular Jeep is very much capable off-roading. In the words of the brand itself, a Trail Rated badge means:

Trail Rated goes beyond a badge. Trail Rated represents the confidence to take on almost any challenge. It’s our commitment to creating endless opportunities for you to discover your limits, and push right past them. When you drive a Trail Rated vehicle, the road less travelled is wherever you want it to be.

Jeep Dealership In Chennai Explains What Trail Rated Means

Started in 2004, the system has a much deeper significance than these words say. To be approved as Trial Rated, a Jeep has to pass a battery of challenging tests. Altogether, the tests evaluate the Jeep on five criteria, which are explained below.

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Both articulation and manoeuvrability work in tandem. For a Jeep to have outstanding manoeuvrability, the wheelbase and steering are essential. Both have to be extremely responsive and precise to prevent any hurdles.

Considering the unpredictability of nature, traction is imperative to handle off-roading.

When To Look For The Jeep Trail Rated Badge In Chennai?

As a jeep dealership in Chennai that loves not only Jeeps but also off-roading our advice is to look for the Trail Rated badge if you are serious about off-roading. The emblem is not an empty claim. It is an accurate representation of what a Jeep can do when it faces the great outdoors.

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