The Jeep Grand Cherokee: What Makes It So Awesome?

A person driving red color jeep compass in the green background

Long, long before the days of our Jeep dealership in Chennai, the Jeep was merely known as the wartime Willys and most of them in battered condition. Today, with over four generations of knowledge and experience, the company has manufactured vehicles that hold the top position on the list of full-size luxury SUV. One of these cars is the Jeep Grand Cherokee.
This article is our take on what makes the JGC so awesome! We begin with the basics to prove the claim and then move on to the specifics.

The Basic Beauty Of The Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee is one of the few cars that retain the unibody design in an era where most are made with body-on-frame construction. The unibody design is available on all trim levels. But this is just the start of the beauty of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, given below are some more factors:

Own A Jeep, Own Your Style!

VTK Automobiles in Chennai offers a handful of Jeep versions that oozes in style, strength and elegance. Be it an off-road ride over the terrains to explore your wanderlust soul or a long drive to watch the sun, moon, seas and waves; Choose the right jeep version that fits your personality from our jeep showroom in Chennai.

Jeep CompassJeep Compass TrailhawkJeep WranglerJeep Grand Cherokee


Given the price tag of the vehicle, it is one of the cars at our Jeep dealership in Chennai that exceeds expectations.

The Even Better New JGC Model At Our Jeep Dealership In Chennai

Side view of red color jeep trailhawk while riding on the roadAll the incredible features we’ve explained above that make the Grand Cherokee a beauty is the tip of the iceberg. It is when you explore the new versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee at a dealership that you realise the vehicle is genuinely remarkable. The higher versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee like the Trackhawk are the ultimate expression of luxury combined with a potent punch of power.

Not impressed yet? Then take a peek at the torque reserve system of the Grand Cherokee which allows the car to develop a 6.4 psi while holding the engine at 2200 rpm at a standstill! The more than five-thousand-pound acceleration of the Jeep is indeed breakneck if you utilise the launch system at its max.

Jeep Grand Cherokee, A New Breed Of Jeep In Chennai

The mingling of a powerful engine with the Grand Cherokee has essentially created a new breed of Jeep – a breed that accomplishes every demand that is put upon a Jeep vehicle. Every part and system of the JGC is engineered to offer a drive quality that is more than impressive.

What we love about driving the Jeep Grand Cherokee around Chennai is the distinctive growl you hear while driving in low speeds. Moreover, the unique soundtrack of a Jeep, i.e., the roaring of the throttle and other performance-driven noise, isn’t diminished in the SUV even though all excess noise is minimised.
As a Jeep dealership in Chennai that knows its cars inside and out, we can give endless amenities that make the Grand Cherokee an outstanding vehicle. But, we do one better – we urge you to test drive it!

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