Can You Flat Tow A Jeep Car In Chennai? Your Guide To It!

Can You Flat Tow A Jeep Car In Chennai? Your Guide To It!

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One of the joys of owning a jeep showroom in Chennai is the absolute freedom the cars bring to our lives. As off-roading lovers and keen travellers, the 4-wheel drive of Jeeps fulfils all our adventure dreams. From the toughest terrains around Kerala to the smooth roads of the capital city, a Jeep Wrangler can do it all. And it does it well.
But our insatiable appetite to explore more of the country got us thinking – is it possible to flat two a Jeep? What if a customer walks into our jeep showroom in Chennai specifically looking for a vehicle capable of flat towing? Which Jeep should we recommend? That took us down the rabbit hole, and this is what we discovered.

What Is Flat Towing?

The process of towing one vehicle behind another is called flat towing. It is different from regular towing because all the 4 tires of the towed Jeep touch the ground at all times. It is also known as Dinghy Towing.

Own A Jeep, Own Your Style!

VTK Automobiles in Chennai offers a handful of Jeep versions that oozes in style, strength and elegance. Be it an off-road ride over the terrains to explore your wanderlust soul or a long drive to watch the sun, moon, seas and waves; Choose the right jeep version that fits your personality from our jeep showroom in Chennai.

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Why Would You Need To Flat Tow A Jeep Around Chennai?

For those who love long road trips away from the city, RVs are an excellent option. You can hit the road any time you want. That said, RVs are not very flexible. So, they can’t be driven over every terrain. It is why many road-trippers prefer to tow a Jeep with the RV.

Can Every Car In A Jeep Showroom Be Flat Towed?

No, not every Jeep is capable of flat towing. Same applies for several other modern automobiles. These vehicles are equipped with a transmission that needs circulating oil, which implies that the car has to be turned on and running. It makes them unsuitable for flat towing.

Which Models In Our Jeep Showroom In Chennai Can Be Flat Towed?

The Jeep Wrangler, any model, can be flat towed. As a matter of fact, it is the most regularly flat towed automobile.


How To Flat Tow A Jeep Wrangler?

Follow these steps to flat tow your Jeep Wrangler before you head out of Chennai for a road trip:

Blue Jeep Compass Parked near water(In case you own an automatic Jeep, repeat all the steps while the car is in Drive.)

It may seem illogical to leave the Jeep in Park while flat towing, but it is not. In any other gear, the transmission fluid will flow incorrectly. This may cause irreparable harm to the car.

The Last Few Words On Flat Towing Jeeps In Chennai:

Flat towing a Jeep doesn’t add miles to the odometer of the vehicle. Regardless, you should keep an eye on the distance travelled. This is important because flat towing does put the towed car, Jeep in this case, in stress after a considerable journey. Barring this condition, as jeep showroom in Chennai who relish road trips a lot, we recommend thoroughly enjoying the experience.
There is nothing like the open road and the power of a Jeep within your hands!

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