Jeep Showroom In Chennai Talks Off-Roading Cars

Jeep Wrangler parked on the road in the hills background

Jeep Showroom In Chennai Talks Off-Roading Cars

The biggest issue when shopping for a vehicle that is great at off-roading is the obfuscation between genuine capabilities and marketing gimmicks. As a Jeep showroom in Chennai, we know that adventure-mobiles, as many call off-road cars, need to have an actual specification to do what they claim.

But looking at the automaker ads, the search just gets confusing. As per ads, a four-wheel drive and an all-wheel-drive can perform feats eerily familiar, when the reality is very different. One car gets stuck, and the other continues without even breaking a sweat.

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Where does this difference lie? How does a person determine which Jeep model has the best off-road abilities by merely glancing through the specification sheet? That’s what attempt to explain here.

Look For Traction In A Jeep Wrangler In Chennai

The very word “off-road” implies driving with very low traction. City roads and highways are built to give the tires of a car consistent grip. It is what provides a smooth drive. The natural world doesn’t offer this luxury. That’s the first thing to look for when walking in a jeep showroom in Chennai – a model that delivers outstanding traction.

The Tires

The easiest way to gain traction is a good set of tires, either mud-terrain tires or all-terrain tires. The tires, when running at an appropriate pressure, can grip any surface:

Standard tires, on the other hand, deliver traction only on pavement. Moreover, tires offer traction during cornering and braking. Something no other system in a car provides making tires all the more vital.

Four-Wheel Drive

Jeeps like Wranglers are equipped with systems that leverage the grip tires offer which adds to the traction. One of these systems is a four-wheel drive. For a vehicle to have excellent grip on-road the front and rear axle have to spin at different speeds when taking corners.
When off-roading a 4WD locks the differential that makes the axles spin at varying speeds. It means the axles are locked in their speeds together. This increases the vehicles traction ability because the grip the tires achieve is enhanced.

Getting A Jeep Wrangler In Chennai? Look For Angles Rather Than Clearance

Walk into any SUV showroom in Chennai, and one of the specs thrown about is clearance. Walk into a Jeep showroom in Chennai and the specs most heard are approach and departure angles.
Yes, the ground clearance of an off-road vehicle is advertised left, right and centre but when it comes down to reality, it is of not much use. The reason being that it is not the small rocks littering the middle of a trail that create issues during off-roading, it is the larger rocks and inclines the car has to climb over and down.
Therefore, the Jeep’s approach and departure angel matter more than straightforward ground clearance because they give the vehicle the ability to pass through significant obstacles.

An Example:

A two-door Jeep Wrangler has a very short wheelbase. Yet, it achieves a much better angle than the four-door alternatives. The learning is that a Jeep with short front and rear overhangs will deliver exceptional approach angle and superior departure angle when compared to a car with more extended overhangs.

Lastly, Look For Articulation In A Jeep Wrangler In Chennai

As Jeep showroom owner in Chennai who loves to off-road, there is one thing we emphasise repeatedly. There are times when nature throws uneven obstacles on the car’s path. Therefore, articulation is necessary in an off-road vehicle, which is the ability of one wheel to travel up or down with reference to the wheel directly opposite it.
A Jeep with great articulation ensures that majority of wheels stay in touch with the ground at all times. The more wheels in contact with the ground, the better the traction and the safer the drive.

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