Ultimate Stylish Ride With Jeep Wrangler, Chennai

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is an off-roading legend. Everywhere you go with it is an adventure waiting to happen. The sturdy style and resilient aesthetics of the car are an image of its military heritage. 


The traditional and iconic Jeep design of the Wrangler makes it look good in a parking lot and great on the road.Visit your nearest Jeep showroom in Chennai and bring home the brand new Jeep Wrangler!

JEEP® Wrangler rubicon

Never Stop Exploring

Years of Jeep heritage and study gave birth to Wrangler Rubicon exterior. It is built to last and designed to let you keep exploring. The interiors of the vehicle are a testament to the modern automotive era ranging from the infotainment to the powertrain.



4 x 4 Power Punch Ride!

The legendary Car is here to rule over the terrains with its unbelievable power! Get set for the most thrilling ride ever!
Jeep Wrangler Wheel Capability
  • Strong Axle Tubes

    The powerful axle tubes in Wrangler Unlimited transmits power from the differential to the wheel, thereby ensuring a power-packed and secure ride.

  • Large Brakes!

    Be in full control of your ride with larger brakes and skid plates made of rugged steel. Whatever be the terrain condition, rule over like a king!

  • 4x4 Power

    With the power of 4x4 wheels, your vehicle is always ready for adventure. Let the sky be the limit! Set out on the most thrilling ride ever with complete confidence!


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Safety And Security

When Safety Matters Above All!

Your safety is our primary concern! Be it the front and rear seats made secure with full-length curtains or the airbags for the front seat occupants; you are always wrapped up with security, offering you unquestionable confidence.
  • AIRBAGS- 6 Nos!

    While the airbags which are seat-mounted makes the ride secure for the occupants in the front, the front passenger and single-stage airbags in dual-stage make the journey the safest ever for every rider!

  • Rear Park Assistance

    Get complete control of your vehicle with a strong rear park assistance feature that offers you complete safety even on the toughest terrains. Uneven, rough or steep slope, whatever be the terrain, be in complete control!

  • Rear Cross Path Detection

    Stay aware of your surroundings and terrains whatever path you take, whichever trail you follow! The rear cross path detection ensures that you stay on the path be it dawn or dusk!

Jeep Wrangler Safety and Security System - Interior view



Jeep Wrangler Unlimited SUV Price in Chennai

Jeeps put a checkmark on almost every off-road and on-road vehicle attribute which makes them excellent 4-wheel drives. Unlike most SUVs which have Independent Front Suspension, Jeeps are equipped with solid axles in the front and the rear. The front, solid axle ensure that the car remains on the ground even in the toughest terrain. Moreover, the Jeep wheels are open gapes which allow for oversized tires or extended wheel travel.

Lastly, a lot of Jeeps come with front and rear differential lockers. This feature gives the SUV to navigate terrains and roads where a four-wheel-drive fails.

A more compact Jeep with a balanced drive train has the highest mileage as long as the engine doesn’t have to work double-time to move and maintain speed. As per the official website (www.jeep.com), the fuel efficiency tab lists the Jeep Compass as the most economical when it comes to fuel. The Compass Sport with 2.4 Litre “MultiAir” ® engine comes with a mileage of 23mpg in the city and 32mpg on the highway.

If you are looking for an everyday Jeep vehicle, then choose another model. Wranglers are not meant as commuter cars. They are built for off-roading with infrequent street use. The recent Wrangler models do come equipped with on-road capabilities, but most of it is dedicated to off-road. If you are searching for all the trims for a rugged terrain Jeep, Wrangler is your model. If your heart is set on Wrangler an everyday car, then try the Sport model.

If you are not worried about mileage, then a Wrangler is a great car to buy. Barring economy, the Jeep Wrangler has all the features. It can be easily driven on all terrains, weather and condition. If you maintain them regularly, then Wranglers have a very long lifespan. Furthermore, Jeep offers limitless modifications. Depending upon the customisation you want, the Wrangler can be outfitted as you wish. Finally, the timeless design of the Wrangler assures that the car never goes out of trend!

Any vehicle is as reliable as the effort you put in it. The same applies to Wranglers. If you take adequate care of the Jeep model and maintain it regularly, the Wrangler remains a resilient SUV. If you do not take the vehicle for service and maintenance at the required intervals, the Wrangler will most likely not last for a long time. Additionally, the resale value of Wranglers is pretty high, which means when the time to change your Jeep arrives, you will get a considerable worth.

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