Tips & Tricks On 4WD By The Jeep Dealer In Chennai

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When we hear a four-wheel-drive vehicle, we automatically imagine a Jeep dominating roads, trails, beaches and rocks in the most badass way possible. Owning a 4WD car is akin to being part of an elite group with the same hobbies and passions, the topmost of which is exploring the unpaved paths of nature. But is that all it takes? Walking out of a Jeep Wrangler showroom in Chennai with a 4×4 car to your name?

The answer is no. Before anyone can fully enjoy the pleasure of a four-wheel-drive, they should know when to engage and disengage it and the tricks to utilising it. That’s the topic du jour – how to correctly use that stubby little lever next to the gear in a Jeep Wrangler.

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Getting To Know The 4WD Of A Jeep Wrangler


One of the features we reiterate to our customers as they shop around our Jeep showroom in Chennai is the dual-rate transfer. The Wrangler JK can transfer drive from rear differential to four-wheel drive. For this, it comes equipped with a tiny lever with four labels:

How To Use The 4WD In A Jeep In Chennai?

When driving on dry and normal roads keep the lever at 2H or 2 Hi. This is the standard position of the 4WD and perfect for daily driving. The switch from 2H to 4H occurs when the road or ground is:

Pulling the lever, one-click back puts it in 4H or 4Hi. This position of the 4WD offers a little extra traction to the Jeep Wrangler and is perfect when driving down dirt roads or lanes slick with ice or water. The switch from 4H to 4L occurs when the road or ground is:

When the Jeep Wrangler requires as much traction as possible drive it at 4Lo or 4L. To do so, first slow down the car, then shift to N or neutral and finally pull the lever back to the last position – 4L. At this position that Jeep has maximum power, torque and traction which gives you complete control on engine braking.

The Practical Tips Of A Jeep Dealer In Chennai On 4WD

Even the most experienced off-road driver benefits from tricks to using the four-wheel drive. To that end, as the Jeep Wrangler showroom in Chennai mainly found of adventures, we offer practical tips:

Being a Jeep dealer in Chennai who always put the patron first, we close our post with a last advice. Read the owner’s manual anytime you are unsure of how the 4WD works.

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