Off-Roading This Winter? Here Are The Essentials Jeep Recommends!

Jeep Wrangler parked on road in the hills background

Walking into our Jeep wrangler showroom in Chennai and purchasing your dream car is the first step to planning an off-roading trip. A good Jeep, like the Wrangler, will take you in the wilderness that surrounds the bustling metropolitan; but it isn’t enough. When you are planning to take a trip on the road less explored, you need more than a vehicle capable of taking you there and back.
More necessary are some essentials that make your time camping memorable, safe and comfortable. As for off-roading enthusiasts (we own jeep showroom Chennai, after all), we recommend the following basics for your trip.

A Trail Rated Jeep

A Jeep Trail Rated vehicle is a car that has been tested to check their performance in five categories related to off-roading conditions. They are:

Own A Jeep, Own Your Style!

VTK Automobiles in Chennai offers a handful of Jeep versions that oozes in style, strength and elegance. Be it an off-road ride over the terrains to explore your wanderlust soul or a long drive to watch the sun, moon, seas and waves; Choose the right jeep version that fits your personality from our jeep showroom in Chennai.

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Taking a trail rated vehicle on your off-roading trip means you’ll have zilch problems getting to the spot and returning, irrespective of how remote the area is or how tough the route maybe. A Trail Rated vehicle will get you there, on time and ready to set camp!

What Do You Need Other Than An SUV From A Jeep Wrangler Showroom In Chennai?

A Multi-Tool Set

car steering image with display of call attending and other buttons featureCamping and off-roading are synonymous with ingenuity. When you are immersing yourself in the far reaches of the wilderness, you don’t have the ready luxury of hotels and shops. It means you need to be prepared to take on any challenge that crops-up. And believe us, nature loves to throw unexpected hindrances at us at the most inopportune times.
How do you come prepared for the elements? You come armed with an adventure multi-tool. Engraved with a Jeep logo using laser and made with an aluminium finish, the tool comes with:
1. File
2. Pliers
3. Scissors
4. Can Opener
5. Fishing Saw
6. Wire Cutters
7. Phillips Screwdriver
8. Small And Large Blade
9. Small Slotted Screwdriver
10. Bottle Opener With Slotted Screwdriver
It has everything you would need to face the demands of Mother Nature.

Use Our Experience As The Jeep Showroom In Chennai To Your Advantage

We’ve got the experience it takes to make an off-roading or camping trip seamless and fun. That experience has proven time and again that your Jeep Wrangler can only do so much, a few necessary tools are invaluable. Therefore, leverage our know-how and invest in the ones we’ve listed above.

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