Talking The Death Wobble With A Jeep Showroom Chennai

Talking The Death Wobble With A Jeep Showroom Chennai

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If there is one thing, we have learnt at our jeep showroom Chennai; then it is that the death wobble strikes at random. There is no rhyme or reason to the timing of it. One second you are cooling driving your Jeep around the winding lanes of Chennai and the other the car becomes a wobbling mess. All it takes is a small bump, and the shaking becomes so bad that it feels as if the tires of Jeep are coming off.
Considering the harrowing experience that comes with a death wobble, increasing awareness on the topic can be of crucial help. As a Jeep showroom in Chennai, we use our insider knowledge to explain what it is and how to resolve it.

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What’s A Death Wobble In A Jeep?

The terms Death Wobble was created by Jeep owners long back. It implies that the steering component of the Jeep along with the front axle start oscillating back and forth. It should be noted that Death Wobbles are not restricted to Jeeps. It can occur in any vehicle with a solid front axle because such cars have a harder time absorbing the shock that comes with hitting a bump. Therefore, suspension issues are noticeable immediately.

When Can A Jeep In Chennai Get A Death Wobble?

At the jeep showroom Chennai, there have been stories of the Death Wobble striking inside the city and outside of it. Though they are few and far in between, one thing is common to them. Death Wobbles tend to occur at high speeds.

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What Can Cause A Jeep Death Wobble In Or Around Chennai?

There are several possibilities for what causes a death wobble in a Jeep. In case you experience one in Chennai, then the most likely culprit is:

Thankfully, these are components that you can check on your own too. Get under the car and look for wear and tear or damage to the following:

Death wobble problem effect Jeep Wrangler in Chennai

How To Handle A Death Wobble?

If your Jeep experiences a death wobble, take the following steps:

Always Look For Side Effects Says Jeep Showroom Chennai

Let’s say your Jeep experience a Death Wobble. You take it to Jeep showroom in Chennai and get it repaired. Is that the end of the issue? As experienced Jeep dealers, we say no. It is critical to also check the Jeep for side effects of the Death Wobble, especially all the other components of the front suspension.
Why is it important to do so? During a death wobble, the Jeep oscillates violently. This can cause other components that were previously in good repair to come loose. If these parts of the steering or suspension are not looked after immediately, it can aggravate the issue.
For instance, the front track bar of the Jeep has a blown bushing which results in a Death Wobble. You replace the bushing and get it tightened, but the Jeep still experiences issues. Based on how long you left the blown bushing unchecked or how much the death wobble damaged the Jeep, it can have caused other damages.
A final piece of advice that we give as Jeep showroom Chennai owners is that though the term sounds terrifying, its effects are hardly every catastrophic. It is the name that makes it sound petrifying. When, in reality, a death wobble is a very mundane thing. As long as you get your Jeep repaired after a Death Wobble, there is no need to worry about the safety of your precious Jeep or the people riding in it.

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