When To Take Your Car To A Jeep Service Centre In Chennai?

When To Take Your Car To A Jeep Service Centre In Chennai?

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With nary a doubt, owning a Jeep is incredibly fun, but the fun comes with a ton of responsibilities like driving safely around the bustling roads of the city. Another obligation is to take the car to a jeep service centre, Chennai for regular maintenance. For many new Jeep owners, the service process can catch them off-guard. They are unaware of the correct time to take the Jeep for a service and which Chennai service centre to pick.
Here’s a breakdown to help you make the most of your Jeep.

When To Visit Jeep Service Centre, Chennai

The first thing to keep in mind is when to get your Jeep serviced? The answer to this is generally given in the manufacturer’s manual. Go through it to learn how often should the vehicle be serviced. Considering Jeeps are used in rough and rugged terrains, there is a high probability that your car will need some maintenance long before the scheduled service. To keep track of all services, make a note of them in the maintenance log and take it along with you to each service.

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What To Look For In A Jeep Service Centre, Chennai

Trust is vital when picking a Jeep Service Centre in the city. Here are the qualities to look for:

Before your first service, get a quote from a few Jeep service providers and then compare the information to choose the best option.

What Are The Basic Types Of Jeep Services?

Any vehicle, not just Jeeps, have two broad types of services, interim and full. The first one takes place after 8000 miles (13,000 km) or six months after the Jeep was bought, whichever comes first. A full service is done 12 months after the Jeep is bought. Each type of service has some fundamental check-ups like an oil change. But based on the performance of the automobile, the service can differ.


What To Do Before The First Jeep Service?

Front view of black jeep with headlightsThere are a few steps you should take before you handover the Jeep to the mechanic in the service centre. Make a note of the current mileage of the car and the vehicle identification number. Both of these are required for the service.
Next, empty the Jeep of all equipment and paraphernalia. Finally, drive the Jeep down to the service centre. If you are going to wait for the service to finish, then bring something to read. Depending upon the tuning your Jeep needs, it can take considerable time. A better option is to drop off the car and come back when the service is done.

After The Jeep Service Is Finished, Ask This:

The minute you get your Jeep keys back, you’ll want to take on the road. Don’t. Give a few minutes to the mechanic and ask them about how the car is doing. For example, did they see any extra wear and tear to the brake pads? This information can help in the long run.
The better the Jeep is maintained, the better it performs and the longer it lasts. Moreover, when you keep the Wrangler or Cherokee or any other Jeep in tip-top condition, you avoid expensive repairs. A few bucks spent now can save you a considerable amount in the future.
We hope the short post has demystified car service for you. With a little bit of preparation, keeping your Jeep maintained becomes hassle free. As long as you choose a Jeep Service Centre, Chennai that is reliable and trustworthy, you have nothing to worry about. The quality work the service centre provides will keep your Jeep in working in its prime.
So, go ahead and schedule your next Jeep service. Remember, driving a Jeep remains a pleasurable experience only if the vehicle is working in top-order!

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